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3,000 years ago, an ancient game was played in glory to the gods. Now, centuries later, step onto the field and prove yourself a worthy champion!

Pelota is an online multiplayer sports game with foundations in Mesoamerican history and culture. This game is one of USC's Advanced Games Projects.


Move: WASD / Left Stick

Jump: Space / Bottom Face Button

Shoot Mode (Hold): Left Click / Left Bumper

Pass Mode (Hold): Right Click / Left Trigger

Look / Shoot / Pass:  Mouse / Right Stick

Slide: Left Shift / Right Bumper

Check: Left Ctrl / Right Face Button

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AuthorsSterling Rios, Corey Staier, nian980, trelannon, Kaguya
GenreSports, Action


Pelota.zip 58 MB

Install instructions

This Game Requires Steam to be Played

Download Steam Here: https://store.steampowered.com/about/ 


- Extract "Pelota.zip"

- Open Steam

- Click on "Add a Game" (should be in the bottom right)

- Click "Add a Non-Steam Game"

- Click "Browse"

- Find Pelota.exe (should be wherever you extracted Pelota.zip before)

- Click "Add Selected Programs"

- Find Pelota in your Steam library, and click "Play"

(This installation only needs to be done once. For future plays, just go to your steam library, find Pelota, and hit Play)

How To Host A Game

- Open Pelota

- Click "Host Game"

- A lobby ID will be at the top of the screen

- Click "Start Game" when all players have joined

How To Join A game

- Open Pelota

- Click "Join Game"

- Enter lobby ID

- Click "Join Game"

Known Issues:

If your gamepad is not working, open Steam and go to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings and uncheck all forms of controller configuration support.

This is a student project that implements Peer-2-Peer networking, so your mileage may vary with lag/performance. Generally, you can play with 4 players who are ~600 miles apart with smooth gameplay. Leave us a comment if you can break that record!

If you are having network connection issues, try disabling any VPNs, and check your firewall settings to makes sure Pelota is not being blocked by your firewall.


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