Hop in the saddle as the titular Cliff, a lawman hell-bent on serving justice, and mastering the art of the mechanical bull. Dodge cacti, stampedes, and desperados as you tear across the wild west with your trusty six shooter, and a thirst for whiskey.

(It is recommended to play this game in full-screen to ensure that the UI displays correctly)


Hold A - spin counter clockwise (while on bull)

Hold D - spin clockwise (while on bull)

Space - launch from the bull

Mouse - Aim gun

Left Click - Fire your gun (while not on bull)

R - Restart

Land back on your bull to reload.


Sterling Rios: Creative Director, Designer, Programmer, Artist

Stewart Smith: Creative Director, Designer, Programmer

Morgan Aguilar: Designer, Programmer

Andre Pascual: Designer, Programmer

Katie Moulton: Designer, Programmer

Arthur Akopyan: Designer, Programmer 

Jerome Ching: Artist

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